About us
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About us

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Tobias Balke

Mein Name ist Tobias Balke und ich hatte zusammen mit meinem Freund Rafael Korzenowski die Idee Beyond Limits zu gründen.

Ich  möchte mit dem jungen Team von Beyond Limits Menschen mit und ohne Handicap auf eine schöne, offene und zukunftsweisende Art zusammen bringen, einfach miteinander verbinden.

Ich habe an der Fachhochschule Bielefeld Diplom Sozialarbeit und an der Universität Göttingen Diplom Pädagogik studiert. Beruflich war ich bis ich rückenwind e.V. in Bielefeld gegründet habe im Jugendamt Wedding/Berlin, beim DRK Witzenhausen (Hessen) und der Lebenshilfe Herford als leitender Angestellter tätig.

Ich leite den Verein rückenwind e.V. in Bielefeld, den ich 2006 gegründet habe (www.rueckenwind-betreuung.de / o.a. rückenwind Bielefeld). Wir betreuen Menschen mit Multiple Sklerose in ihren eigenen Wohnung in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Der Verein betreut auch Kinder und Jugendliche im Rahmen der Schulbegleitung/Integrationshilfe an 60 Regelschulen in OWL.  

Unser Pflegedienst hat sich auf die Betreuung von Intensivpflichtigen Patienten spezialisiert.

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Rafał Korzeniowski
Born 1970 professional photographer with 30 years experience in analog photography. Author of exhibitions, albums, social projects. Awarded with a medal “ Honoris Gratia ” by the mayor of the city of Krakow for his work.
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Adilet Akmatbaev

Adilet spent the past decade living in four different countries, spread across three continents, an adventure that allowed him to cherish and appreciate the richness of countries, communities, and cultures. This experience made him realize how crucial and non-straightforward integration truly is, motivating him to support underrepresented communities, and pro-actively promoting sustainability and social equity in his endeavors. Adilet is engaged at Beyond Limits e.V. with an aim to develop the organization into a potent platform that acts as a voice for all those who are motivated to see beyond limits. His signature project is the Festival of Innovative Developers (FiD), which he develops with the BL partners.

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Ana Ramona

Ana is a highly creative, visionare spirit, which translates into her life journey. Winner of the scholarship offered by Istituto Marangoni Fashion Design and Art school, in 2019, and winner of many national and international Creative Writing Competions, poetry and short prose, she covers a large domein of activity in the Cretive area. She relates to Art as to a personal intrinsec vocation, always investing love and effort in developing new ideas.“ After all, for me Beyond Limits is just a begginig of a wilder dream in which we are all together, free to be whom we truly are, to live the way we love to live, to say the things we want to say, and to be accepted for what we say, because everyone has something to say.” Ana developed an interest in Inclusion by connecting elements from all three careers she followed at a professional level, teaching, fashion and nursing. Ana’s aim in Beyond Limits e.V. is to develop a Fashion Course for young professional at the beginning of their career, coordinating and organizing art exhibitions in collaboration with international artists.

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Aigul Neven
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Piet Schröder

Piet, the youngest member of the Beyond Limits team, is engaged in every aspect of the organization, providing assistance in at the Radiostation Bar. Young and energetic, he offers his help to everyone and is there whenever you need him.

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Halszka Korzeniowska